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Frequently Asked Questions

How old do I have to be to live at Shawnee Ridge?

55 or older.

Do you offer rentals?

Currently, we do not offer rentals at Shawnee Ridge. Residents purchase our units at the listing price with a potential refund of 70%. We offer several layouts, starting at $118,000.00.

What is your pet policy?

We do allow up to 2 pets in our town homes. Dog(s) are required to be under 45 lbs with proper vaccination records and photo. Our apartments only allow one cat. (Dogs must be leashed at all time outside the unit)

How much deposit must I give to reserve a unit?

Prospective residents are required to leave a 10% deposit to reserve a unit.

Is my deposit refundable?

Deposits are only fully-refundable if any of the following extenuating circumstances occur prior to resident taking occupancy:

  • Illness or injury to resident that prevents resident from moving into the community (medical documentation required)
  • Inability of resident, despite diligent and good-faith efforts, to sell resident’s then-current home
  • Death of resident
How much does it cost to join the waiting list?

There is a $5,000.00 fully refundable waiting list fee, which will then go towards the 10% deposit upon the purchase of your home.

Will the monthly fees ever go up?

Shawnee Ridge administration will review the monthly fees annually and will try to keep them low. However, SR retains the right to increase monthly service fees based on many factors including, without limitation, changes in the Consumer Price Index or cost of operations, operating experience, government regulations affecting the community, maintenance of necessary reserve funds, and to ensure the financial stability of the community. Residents will receive 60 days notice of any monthly service fee increases.

What is the potential refund if a resident passes away or moves out of their home at Shawnee Ridge?

Residents purchasing occupancy rights at Shawnee Ridge receive a potential maximum refund of 70% when their home is sold. To fully understand the refund structure and its restrictions, you may request a copy of our Residency Agreement or speak with our staff: the aim of this structure is to lower the barriers to entry for would-be residents while at the same time providing for the potential of a future refund (either to the resident or to the resident’s estate).

Can I transfer my occupancy rights to someone in my family?

The occupancy rights are not transferable.

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