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It will be five years this week since my wife Winnie and I moved to Shawnee Ridge. While we have always found the staff members to be very helpful and considerate, the performance of the current team has been head and shoulders above all of their predecessors! They are extremely affable, attentive and sensitive to our needs. We do not regard them as “staff”; to us, they are “family”.

Steve and Winnie

We still like to take a lot of walks and go swimming a few times a week, which is one of the many reasons we chose to live at Shawnee Ridge. We have the most magnificent view of the Delaware Water Gap; we even saw a hot air balloon landing one day! We enjoy being close to interstate 80 and being able to get to our family in New Jersey in no time. Beyond the amenities and location, we have met some super people here! We all have the attitude that we’re going to grow old together one day.

Mary and Tom

What is there not to like here at Shawnee Ridge? We have really great neighbors and equally great management. We are close to all of our needs, grocery stores, doctors, hospitals and restaurants of all kinds. We have an emergency call system if and when we should need it. We have all of our maintenance outside cared for. No need to worry about pushing a lawn mower or picking up a snow shovel again. When you need something, just call and ten times out of ten, it’s taken care of. We’ve lived here for 7 years and haven’t regretted a minute of it!

George and Carole

A Charming Community for Active Adults